Vegas II: Tao

Spring Break '10

For our first night in Vegas we decided to go to Tao Nightclub (3355 Las Vegas Blvd). We all got ready and walked across the street to The Venetian. FREEZING! (Thanks go to Sea Ridge Merlot for the invisible blanket.) This Asian-influenced nightclub is amazing on the inside. The entrance is lined with bathtubs filled with rose petals and go-go [sitting] dancers. I am 80% sure I heard that Kerry climbed in one later that night? We quickly bypassed the restaurant on the first floor, but we were there long enough for the delightful aroma to waft past our noses. Those twelve seconds stimulated my olfactory senses in a wonderful way. Sigh... one day.

Now I know what you might be thinking when I say Tao... Taoism, Confucianism, etc. Am I right? Well, yes, "Tao" translates to "way," "path," "doctrine;" the true nature of the world. Let's roll with this "yin and yang" idea to develop this blog post into more of a research paper? Don't ask questions - just accept.

The common yin and yang argument is that each action creates a counter-action. This is an instinctive, inevitable shift within manifestations of the Tao.  Consider a night in Vegas at Tao through the yin/yang goggles: dressed up men & dressed down women, chilly drinks & steamy dancing bodies, obscure shadows & glowing flashing club lights - all prime examples of complementary opposites making up the greater whole that is Tao Nightclub. I will revisit this idea later... 

Natalie/Alex and Kerry/Jacquelyn/Ashley met up with us inside. We were led to a prime-spot table on the dance floor, enjoyed the free Girls Hour drinks from 10 - 11 pm, danced, and took pictures. With my eagle eyes I spotted a friend from high school in the thick of the dance floor. I think I almost ran her over when I eagerly approached her! Such a small world... only in Vegas!

Unfortunately, my yin and yang were out of balance that night and I had to retreat to the hotel early. Luckily, like a dropped stone in a calm pool, my friends were there to balance me out and get me back into a quiescent state. I love them so much and appreciate how they came to my rescue! Thank you!

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