Vegas III: SaturDAY strip walking

Ringing phone. So Loud. Dark of night. 
L: WHYYyyYYYy are you calling meeEEee? It's like 5 in the morning!
K: What? No it's not.....
L: Yesssss it isssssss..... ughhhh
K: It's 10:30...
L: .... ... wha? oh. It's juuuust so dark out! - still - sleeping ... bye.

The second time I woke up on Saturday, closer to noon, Taylor said the funniest thing: she said that she needed to get the Treasure Island drapes in her room. Those things are so potent! You shut them, go out at night, come back to the room, fall asleep, and then before you know it, it's 3:37pm and it's just about time to start gearing up for the next night! Luckily we all woke up around noon, got dressed, and headed down to grab food.

Kelly and I were the first ones out of the room and we went to Treasure Island's Coffee House, a 24 hour casual dining spot in the middle of the casino floor. (Yelp) This comfort food was just what the doctor ordered! Holy moly! I ordered a stack of pancakes of course! Pancakes McGee! For $10.50 I got a fatty stack coated in mixed berries. MMmmMMmm. Has anyone caught on yet that I'm sort of a pancake fanatic? Where has this trend come from? Growing up my sister was the french toast girl, and we never had a waffle maker... I think I only ate belgian waffles when I was in Oregon. I digress.... Kelly ordered an omelet, I can't remember which one though... it looked good!

The other girls met up with Starbucks in hand (there was one in the hotel), and the four of them split two omelets. After they ate, we began traipsing down the strip. We posed for several "day" pictures, all for the adoring fans of 32above. Wait a second... I have no fans? Sad...

We eventually went into the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace and walked around for hours like camels. First we bought Fat Tuesday's before heading inside. Oh wait - no we didn't. I guess I dreamed about that. Fat Tuesday's are glorious - must get one for the next trip April 23/24/25! I think we went into half of the 160 boutiques/shops. My favorite thing: silver sparkly hats! I wish I bought one. The girls bought shoes, scarves, and gelato while I contemplated the possibility of returning to purchase the sparkly hat and wear it out to the club with my galactic one-shoulder dress. Zenon much?

We decided to get some drinks at Rhumbar (3400 Las Vegas Blvd S.), an outdoor lounge near the entrance to the Mirage from Caesar's Palace. They had a very stylish outdoor patio with heat lamps! Thank the lord! We sat down next to two silver foxes, and they proceeded to offer us lemon drop shooters because they just wanted us to "have a good time."

They were actually really sweet and not sketchy at all. Prices were high, so I just had the free gifted lemon drop. The others had either a glass of wine or a mixed drink. I liked how laid back the place was, and yet it was still very classy. I could see all of us here, again, in 2020, with money to spend on delicious mojitos. Note: Rhumbar is the destination of very snazzy people from LMU. If you see one, you should go up to him/her and complement him/her on his/her amazingly creative outfit!

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