Fuse Lounge Happy Hour

Via Monterey County Weekly's website, I heard of the happy hour offered Wednesday and Thursday nights at Fuse Lounge Cafe at Carmel Mission Inn (3665 Rio Rd, Carmel). Get ready for this: complementary gourmet seafood buffet with adult beverage purchase.

Natalie, Sarah, and I ordered beer, each $5. Then we made our way over to the spread of seafood dishes. Have a looksie:

Seafood risotto and angel hair pasta with calamari. 

There were a bunch of old people there that day because the Carmel Chamber of Commerce was having an open meeting or something like that. We decided to sit at one of their booths, mostly because it reminded of us of the VIP areas in Veags. I'm sure all the chamber people totally wished they were us. Tyler joined us for dinner and our after dinner festivities. 

From there we headed to Ocean Avenue in Carmel for some Cottage of Sweets treats! Read more here...


  1. dang that seafood was soo good. i still think you should become the Carmel Chamber of Commerce's youngest member haha

  2. i've sent my application in!