Cottage of Sweets, revisited.

My first blog post about the Cottage of Sweets was back in the beginning of February. You can read about it here in case you missed it!

Tucked between Monte Verde and Lincoln streets in Carmel, lies a rustic cottage. Stuffed full of succulent fudges, truffles, sours, and sweets, this place is on my Must Visit list when I have visitors. While at the happy hour at Carmel Mission Inn, both Natalie and I were baffled when Sarah told us that she had never been before. Wha? No WAY! But what about that time when we.... Nope.

As we strolled down Ocean Avenue, I spotted this cute lamp shade in a window. Much of Carmel's allure comes from the countless window shopping opportunities. As we got closer to the Cottage of Sweets, we saw this old car and decided to get all goofy touristy and pose with it :)

The Cottage of Sweets is the peanut butter to my tummy's jelly. It is the black to my white. It is my favorite candy store... ever. How adorable is this?

I bought a bag of their Peanut Butter Malt balls. OH MY GOODNESS. Delicious! I've never seen anything like them... I was ridiculously pleased with my purchase. You bite in to the chocolate outside, assuming it's all normal. BUT! There is actually a whole other layer between the chocolate layer and malt inside that is oozing with peanut buttery goodness. The only problem is that they disappeared in merely a day :( I also got two of my go-to peanut butter squares. I also tried the cappuccino square. I didn't think either square was as good as I hoped. The peanut butter square seemed a little off that day (unusual, because normally that's my favorite) and the cappuccino one had barely any hint of espresso/coffee/anything.

Natalie did most of her orders from this side of the shop (below). She bought sour patch kids and chocolate covered gummy bears, one of her favorite things the cottage carries. Sarah had a dark chocolate turtle (I think?) and something else. Why did I not pay attention and/or take pictures? Can somebody answer that for me? I blame the PB Malt Balls!

Here's us enjoying our tasty treats! The adventure continued up the street at Carmel Bakery and Coffee Co... you can read about it here.

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  1. omg. soo yummy. i want more chocolate covered gummy bears NOW! sugar overload for sure.