Shopping in Marina

Living in the Fort Ord boonies means I need to get creative and plan ahead when I want to buy gas or go grocery, clothes, or crafts shopping. The closest grocery store is the Commissary, which I can't even shop in because I am not in the military!
Only one Hwy 1 stop north of mine, there's this huge development with Best Buy, Kohl's, REI, Target, Michael's, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Michael's Arts & Crafts (121 General Stillwell Dr, Marina) is huge and has a terrific baking section. They sell a lot of Wilton products and have tons of cupcake liners, food coloring gels, fondants, gum pastes, you name it. I joined their online coupon email system, which is both good and bad. I'll save money, but also be tempted to walk in the store more often (and thus, spend more precious dollar$$). It's all for my future cupcake business' R&D though...

In the same complex is this humongous Target (133 General Stillwell Dr, Marina). I bought a new swimsuit the last time I went; clearance, $15 for both pieces... cutest thing ever. Ya'll will see it in Vegas. I also bought some discounted Easter sprinkles, a bright orange top that I can wear out and to work (booya!), some containers, gum, and presents for friends :) I really liked this Target. When I was growing up, my mom and I would always shop at the Target in Milpitas. Then, when I was about 13, we stopped shopping there and devoted ourselves to Macy's/Valley Fair/Safeway/Rite Aid. Target really is the one stop spot. Gotta give it more loving.

When I was making banana peanut butter cupcakes I desperately wanted to decorate them with banana runts. Do you know how hard it is to find a box of runts when you are looking for one? After checking both the Savemart and CVS Pharmacy in Marina, both failures, I decided to just check Walgreens (226 Reservation Rd, Marina) really quickly. This was my second time making a purchase in Walgreens\. The first time I bought cranberry juice, raisins, and pills! (After eating at Tico's with Nat & Sarah!) Welp, this time... LOOK!

They had Runts! Too bad I only needed the banana parts. Anyone want some Runts minus bananas?

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