Holy Toledo! Cupcakes, Hurley, Blogging!

Step 1

Quickly wanted to write about something amazing that just happened. I was on my Google Reader (psst: I highly recommend you set yours up! There is so much internet content out there and if you hone it down to things you are interested in, like cupcakes, NASA, TV, iPhones, people you stalk, etc, you'll always be the first to know about things!) ..anyways... I was on my Google Reader and from my Cupcakes take the Cake feed, I saw their post about a new way to eat a cupcake: 

Step 2 - Rip off bottom
Step 3 - Bottom's up!
Step 4 - Sandwich!

Intrigued as to where Cupcakes take the Cake originally saw this, I followed a link to Dispatches from the Island, a blogspot. And GUESS WHAT... this blog belongs to Jorge Garcia! The actor who plays Hurley/Hugo on LOST!

OMG please keep up with my excitement. HUGO! CUPCAKES! SANDWICHES! reading, reading GOATS! HAWAII! TEAM JACOB! reading laughing WRONG TEAM JACOB!

I literally can't wait until I can read every single one of his posts! He likes to bake and seems so down to earth! I've already got a great tip from my good pal Jorge, use free hotel shower caps to cover your bread while rising. And look, he blogged about making paella. Well, we just have so much in common! Remember when I blogged about eating paella? Obviously we should be BFFs?

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  1. Oh, that's how I always eat a cupcake! It ensures a better distribution of cake to frosting : )