Trader Joe's Monterey

Trader Joe's is one of my favorite grocery store chains, simply because they stock mini peanut butter cups. Those things are deadly! They are also the reason why I've learned to avoid TJ's because if I let myself go inside, I just can't help buying them! Two hours later I've inhaled 3/4 of the container and feel sick to my stomach. No self control when peanut butter and chocolate is involved!

The downtown Monterey location (570 Munras Ave, Monterey) is moderately sized and has a bit of a wonky floor plan with an almost hidden cereal aisle. Tyler, Dave, and I stopped at TJ's after Easter mass in Carmel. I was hoping to find some quality white vinegar (for Red Velvet cupcakes :), but they didn't have any! No white vinegar whatsoever! Can you believe that? There's a Peet's Coffee in the same shopping center, so the parking lot can get busy. It's also next door to a pharmacy and R.G. Burger (<-- read about my wonderful experience).

After grabbing the mini peanut butter cups, I strolled over to the baking aisle and was saddened to see that it was a mere four feet wide. I just wasn't winning. In addition to needing white vinegar, I was also looking to find some Dutch processed unsweetened cocoa. No luck here.

However, I did spot a Trader Joe's version of unsweetened cocoa (with cupcakes on the label!) and added it to my cart. I grabbed a thing of eggs, baking powder, and baking soda. Now I know that when I need baking supplies, this is not the best place to go looking. I'm excited to try out the cocoa though!

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