Vegas IV: Lavo, Pure, & Big Boi

After a yummy Chipotle dinner, Amy, Kali, and I met up with the other three that bounced out of Rhumbar early. We got back to the hotel and I continued to scarf down some of my favorite foods: Hot Tamales and Cheez-Its. NOM NOM NOM. We all got ready and Natalie joined us at the hotel room. I had so much fun with her the whole weekend I'm really excited that we were able to hang out so much despite being with different groups of people.

Anyways, the seven of us headed over to LAVO Nightclub (3325 Las Vegas Blvd) in the Palazzo. (Yelp.) This is another one of those restaurant/nightclub combinations. The website describes LAVO Nightclub as "one of the most intimate, yet energetic, dance floors in Las Vegas." I think that description is pretty accurate. We waited outside for about 5 mins while our contact secured us with Girls Drink Free wristbands. We walked up the winding staircase, around the sinks spitting out water, and entered the club area. IT WAS PACKED. I'm not kidding here. It probably took 3 minutes for us to develop a game-plan for reaching the bar. All the girls grabbed a drink and we escaped the mass of people - headed towards the dance floor.

I remember these two girls who were next to us that were - out of control. I actually think they were on something illegal. Nevertheless, the dancing was fun and Kerry, Jacquelyn, and Ashley showed up after about 5 songs. The DJ there was awesome. I retrieved the last Fruity Pebble cupcake, which was still hidden behind a bathtub, and gave it to Kerry. She said it was still yummy!

We left to go to PURE, it was our goal to spend the night there. Right when we got there, we walked in and were led to a table with a group of guys. I hate it when that happens! I don't want to be forced to hang out with people just because they have bottles of Sky! I grabbed Natalie and asked her to come with me to the dance floor. So happy she said yes :) A guy working the ultra VIP area (which was empty at that moment) pointed at us and told us to come up to where he was. OKAY!

For hours we danced, took pictures, and took dancing pictures. The VIP area started to fill up with other pretty ladies.... and Big Boi from Outkast! We snatched a quick pic with him and continued to dance to the great music. Around 1 am Big Boi took to the stage aka the area where we were already dancing, and started rapping. His set lasted about 10 songs, with the famous "I like the way you move"

After he finished some new and old raps, we joined the other girls who had stayed at the table with those guys. Immediately when we saw them I could tell that they really enjoyed hanging out with those guys. They were dance battling and standing on the booths and cheers-ing each other... We sat there for a while and then Nat and I decided to leave. On the way out, we ran into Kerry! Magical timing. So picture the crowd jamming, the dance floor packed, lots of noise, and Kerry all by herself roaming around. We took that baby bird under our wing and brought her outside. It was time to gamble! I played $20 on a slot machine (requested by Lauretta), and then played about $40 on the craps table. I wasn't prepared to play more than that. The only way to make money in Vegas is to be prepared to gamble away at least $400. I ended up losing about $15 of the craps money, and all of the slot machine money. Oh wells!

We all went back to our hotels and I began packing my bag at 4 am. Slowly the other girls returned and I decided to finish the packing (took about 45 mins because I also had to finish the Cheez-Its :) so that I could sleep until 5:45. 1 hour of sleep? That's how I roll.

Woke up > Airport > Flew home > Picked up by Lauretta and Katie > Alice in Wonderland > Sushi > Drove back home to Seaside > Kickball game? Can't remember!


  1. hmm you didnt mention that we were the FIRST girls in the club to be asked up on the stage..holler. so much fun, i will seriously never forget that night.

  2. OMG! and i cannot believe you hid that little cupcake behind a bathtub until Kerry got there! you would, haha! too funny.