Bike to Breakfast

This morning I set out to bike to breakfast. This week is Bike Week in Monterey County. All week long TAMC hosts various events for bikers that encourage alternate modes of transportation, namely bicycling.

On my search to find the Marina breakfast location, I ran into a few road blocks. I wish that whoever I in charge of the roads around here would make the whole 8th Street through 1st Avenue more accessible!

I climbed a few fences and carries my bike through this dirt street just to get to the food spot... I'm glad I did! They were offering banana bread, bagels, organic strawberries, salame, string cheese, coffee, and OJ. REI sponsored the table and was handing out free water bottles, hydration tablet thingys, and coupons!

I fueled up, grabbed some freebies, and biked back into Seaside. Great way to start my morning!

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