Thai Bistro II

As mentioned on an earlier post, I am making it a point to try out as many of Monterey County Weekly's 'Best Of' list. The Thursday before I left for Vegas, Kyle came down to Monterey for the night. We decided to try out the 'Best Thai Restaurant' winner, Thai Bistro (159 Central Ave, Pacific Grove).

We arrived around 8:30 pm to a crowded Thai Bistro. There were still a few tables open, so wait time was pretty non-existant. TB occupies an old house, painted white and blue, inside and out. There is a large outdoor patio that would be wonderful for a sunny day. (Does Monterey even have those??)

We ordered the pumpkin curry, of course, and a garlic chili chicken entree.


(Compared to my pumpkin curry love!)

If you are a curry person, consider it a gift from the food gods when pumpkin curry makes it on your Thai menu. It's always worth looking at the restaurant's specials because it isn't typically a standard menu item.

PS: for the Bay Area folks, try out Sa-By Thai Cuisine in downtown San Jose. Located at 346 E. Williams Street, this hidden gem offers pumpkin curry and it is deliciousssslysalivainducing!

I loved Thai Bistro. I'm a sucky judge though because I - JUST - LOVE - THAI. Best part of the night was When we left and I saw a sign for their happy hour special. For the entire month of April, Monday through Thursday,  from 4:00 - 6:30pm, their entire menu is (was) 50% off! Press save on that nugget of information!!

I can see why MCW awarded Thai Bistro with this title, but it won't sop me from trying some other Thai spots in the area!

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