Tacos and Rainbows

I had a great post in draft form and then my Internet cut out… pooey! Plan B: use the iPhone to create a blog post so I don't fail my personal challenge of one blog post/day.

Today I woke up as UNusual as possible, after snagging a full 8 hours of sleep! That's practically unheard of in LO-land. I went to work and watched as the skies turned from sunny and clear to slate gray and overcast. After work I went with Dave, Victor, Tyler, and Max to El Torito's Taco Tuesday. We haven't been in a while and it was nice to get out there... We grabbed a table right against the window with a prime bay view. The water below us was crashing in a miniature pool, creating the most beautiful green sea foam -> sea foam green! A rainbow popped up a couple of minutes before we left...

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