Okay bloggers, a TON of stuff has happened in life recently. I've been extremely busy travelling around - San Diego, Vegas, rafting in Sacramento area, blah blah blah. Add to that a full time job, stuff to do in Monterey, bike riding, running (sorry but it's true!), I have had so little time to update my blog.

Please just sit tight. I'm watching 90210 right now, sipping on a delicious smoothie I made (with slightly expired orange juice eek!) Side note: a commercial for Vampire Diaries is on right now and I realized I'm kind of sad that I stopped watching it!

One other really big thing that's taking up my time is my new adventure: BOO RADLEY'S CUPCAKES!! Before I get into the details I'd like you to check out the following "cartoon" (if you click on it, it'll get bigger):

Anyways, I'm off to foraging through the hundreds of pictures of things that I WANT TO BLOG about! Hopefully I can get a few more posts up tonight!

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