Mills-Monterey! Day 3

After a loooong night at Mucky Duck we woke up with unpleasant physiological effects, to put it nicely.

We began making cupcakes for the day. We went with a yellow buttermilk cake. Simple and delicious. We paired the cake with two different frostings - raspberry buttercream and hazelnut buttercream, made by combining raspberry puree and Nutella (respectively) to an Italian Meringue buttercream base.

Once the cupcakes were frosted, Kerry got to work decorating them with sprinkles. She is a pro decorator.

We got into the car and headed to Vanessa's grad party in San Jose. She had a lot of family and friends over for a BBQ. She graduated from San Diego State University in June! Congratssss!! Vanessa, if you are reading this, where are the pictures that your mom was snapping?

Kerry and I had to leave to go to my Aunt Cori's house for a birthday BBQ/pool party. My cousin Collin's birthday the previous Monday and my 23rd birthday the previous Wednesday. Mills and I went swimming and then Nicole showed up with a beautiful French braid and she went swimming. Katie was splashing all over the place - oh the joys of being under 10.

Kyle came too! I got to be with some of my favorite people!

We had delicious salmon, tri tip, salad, veggies, etc.

For dessert, Cori had a chocolate/mint chip ice cream cake for Collin and a decadent chocolate cake for me. Don't forget that we also brought a bunch of cupcakes! Needless to say the options seemed endless...

After we ate, we played around on the trampoline. It was Katie's first time playing "crack the egg" and she LOVED it. She kept asking us to crack her. She also gave us nicknames. Slappy (Kerry's nickname the night before) became Kirby. I asked to be Sonic. Kyle was dubbed Ganondorf. And Katie was Zelda (yeah?) - all characters from Super Smash Bros.

On our way out of the Bay Area we went to Psycho Donuts. Kerry and I both OD-ed on sugar the whole weekend, but we were going to at least get donuts for Monday morning because Psycho Donuts are so effin AWESOME.

HOWEVER, they decided to close early! We left a note for them expressing our sadness and then they sent me a tweet on Tuesday apologizing! Can't wait to try out the Stone Cold Psycho Psandwich! Donuts and ice cream. Kind of scary thinking about how much sugar that would be BUT let's get real - it's ICE CREAM AND DONUTS. Can't pass up something like that.

When we got back to my place we crawled into bed and slept like babies. Trampoline workouts and long car drives are truly exhausting!!

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