Mills-Monterey! Day 4

Monday morning Kerry and I woke up and grabbed coffee from the Starbucks in Sand City and bagels from the Bagel Bakery next door. We walked over to Savemart and stocked up on fruit. When we got back to my house we pulled out Murray, my tandem bike, and took her for a riiiiide.

We pedaled through Fort Ord Dunes State Park, parked the bike, and read each of the eight educational panels that "inform the public about the natural and cultural history of the park." Hopefully one day I'll get the footage off my iPod of our bike adventure. We then biked through CSUMB and back to my house! It was a great day for a bike ride, nice and sunny but not too hot.

Sadly, the next stop was the airport :( I had to get back to work since it was Monday and all. Kerry's flight was delayed. A part of me wished that the whole airport would have just disappeared so that Kerry could never leave. I love that girl and I miss her so much when she's down in Anaheim....

If you've read these recaps and think - oh snap - that sounds like fun, please give me a call and come visit. I love love LOVE having visitors and Monterey is such a great area. I won't force you to dance in a cage with me and I won't force you to eat lots of sugar treats - but that might just happen!

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  1. Biking can be so great! There is nothing like fresh bagels and coffee. I've never used a tandem bike but that would be so fun! (if I visited, dancing would certainly be involved haha)