Sake for 1 cent... not even!

I've been to Yama Sushi three times now. It's located in the Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey (Bldg A Ste 92). I'm definitely not a picky sushi eater. Throw some spicy tuna in my roll, add sriracha on top, give it a hokey moniker - I'm yours.

These are some photos from the first time I went with a few coworkers and friends. 

They've got the sushi makers over yonder making all the rolls. They are so nice! Once, when on my way out, one ran up to me and did that "pound" thing (modern high five). He's so with it.

 So about the title of this post. This place is fairly new and has been advertising 1 cent sake Mondays - Thursdays. Also, their sushi rolls are 50% off! All the time! That means I can order the Lobster Delight or Victoria Secret or Fuji Mountain or ... or ... or ... all for half the price! Pretty sweet deal.

This is the sake fountain. It's kind of like a soda machine, but for sake!
They've got lots of seating, but it does get packed!
My group!

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