Strawberry Fields Forever

I don't think I ever wrote about the outcome of the Strawberry Fields Forever bicycle ride I did on May 16th. It was a 100 km bike ride in Monterey County.

There were three stops along the way for food and drinks.
At stop number one: fruits, trail mix, biscotti, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...
... and a barista making espresso or pouring coffee...
We stopped at the warehouse of Bamboosero...
Bamboosero is a custom bike company run by frame designer Craig Calfee. His bikes are primarily made of bamboo, which grows in the developing countries where most of his bikes are built. If I remember correctly, he teaches people in developing countries HOW to build the bikes, and then they take over and build them all. It helps the struggling communities because now people have jobs, they can better support their families, there is more money flowing through the community, it makes bamboo a more valuable resource, etc.

... just keep pedaling ...

... world class unicyclist in our midst ...

... second stop: lunch!

... fruit, make your own sandwiches, cookies, crackers ...

.... third stop: Gizdich Ranch!
Summary of what you can find on the Gizdich Ranch website:

  • Pick your favorite fruit of the season right off the tree or vine
  • Purchase a jar of fresh jam, a delicious fresh-baked pie, or an antique/craft
  • Pick up apples (pay by bushel or pound) during the apple season, September through December.
  • They seriously have so many apple varieties!! I've never heard of half of these.
  • Pick yourself is for 3 weeks only 9 - 5 daily (Red Delicious, Newton Pippins, and Golden Delicious are pickable - Other varieties available for sale only)
  • All Gizdich berries are grown, harvested and packed at the ranch
  • Call to reserve a flat of berries ahead of time (frozen available all year round)
  • The pie and baked goods shop will tantalize your senses!
  • Gizdich sales pies, shortcakes, pastries, deli sandwiches, etc
  • Walking tours available

Strawberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Apricot and Pumpkin (seasonal) Boysenberry, Verry Berry, Apple, Olallieberry, Apple/Raspberry, Dutch Apple, Double Berry Dutch, Apple Olallieberry, Raspberry, Lemon Meringue, and No Sugar Apple (special orders)
SHORTCAKES: Strawberry and Olallieberry (seasonal)
APPLE DUMPLINGS: Smothered in a decadent apple dessert topping.

They had a live band there!

... one of the final hills ...

Final stop! Back at Watsonville High School. Whole Foods catered an amazing dinner!

Let's not forget the strawberries! 

What a good group!
... my dinner plate ...
... dipped the juicy strawberries in chocolate ganache and whipped cream ...
The ride was really pretty. We bicycled through lots of strawberry fields and other crops. I remember it being freeeeezing but luckily somebody lent me a jacket. The 63 ish miles was long, but definitely do-able with all of the food stops.

Attention Anyone:
Let me know if you want to go next year!

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