Taste of Seaside

The Taste of Seaside seemed like it happened a loooooong time ago. I took a lot of iPhone pictures because it seems like my real camera has bit the dust :( Time for a new one!

At the entrance they were giving away these cute little sea horse cookies. Kyle said he would grab his on the way out, but he forgot. I ate mine 2 days later and it was a delicious shortbread treat.
This bottle of wine was the door prize. Everyone was given a raffle ticket. I wonder who will win it?
The check-in area. The venue was an empty space in the same shopping center as Me n' Ed's pizzeria (corner of Fremont and Broadway in the "City Center").
Notice - there are no overhead lights. Very warehouse-y.
Tickets in everyone!
First stop, beer!

Second stop, Pho King.... sound it. Yeah.

Third stop, Fishwife (the original!).
One of the many wineries.
The little combo thing from Fishwife was SOOO good. Too bad my other experience with them (and Nicole and my mom) wasn't the best!
Blurry emcee picture.
Oils and marmalades, I think....
More desserts!
By far the most happening booth. The ladies from The Breakfast Club were riling the crowd!

Phat Burger sliders, mmm!
Lots of sushi options from Harumi sushi. Note to self: go there.

Spin the raffle wheel Doze....
And your prize is......
Free meals at The Breakfast Club and Phat Burger! Jackpot!
"Will we use these?"
Phat Burger bucks, too.
Other prizes, Snickers bars and Salt. Nice salt! Can I have your salt?
It's getting darker... remember, no lights. See?
Oh, hi.
We had a LOT of samples from places all over Seaside. Ventana Vineyard, Scheid Vineyard, Baywood Cellars, Marina's English Ales Brewery, and more were all out pouring tastings. As for restaurants, there was everything from pizza from the next door Me n' Ed's, curried meat from Kahn's Kabob House, cupcakes from like THREE different places... and lots more! Kyle and I had a really good time and we definitely got our $25 worth. He won two free meals from Phat Burger, which I'll write about later. He also won a gift certificate to The Breakfast Club which we used the following morning for breakfast! And don't forget about his salt and snickers bars... oh and remember that door prize? The $40 bottle of wine? Well guess what... I won it! I never win raffles! 

Alright folks, off to work! 

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  1. you must have hit up the fish wife on a bad night. it's one of my favorite restaurants in the world. definitely try it again!!!