New Home & Turtle Bay Taqueria

Turns out someone already put a hold on the duplex that my roomates and I were in love with. So, we had to relook at places in Seaside. I was able to convince my sister Nicole to come down to Monterey with me. It was really nice to finally be able to share the car ride down! After looking at a few places, we settled on a duplex that had carpet in the living area, something that we were trying to avoid. This place was just too good to pass up in other areas though. Close to work, young people, good location, neigbors that didn't have kid toys EVERYWHERE. The current plan is to take off your shoes when entering the front door to keep the carpet clean. Also, if we ever have people over for drinks we will try to limit the drinking to stain-free areas.
After picking out the new place, Nicole and I went to downtown Monterey and looked for a place to get lunch. We settled on Turtle Bay Taqueria (431 Tyler Street). We ordered the "Seafood Combo" burrito wrap that they describe as "a meal in your hand - a party in your mouth" for $8.95. We also ordered chips & salsa for about 2 bucks. Nicole and I split the burrito wrap in two. She ate hers fork and knife and I ate mine the old fashioned way - in my hands. I wouldn't say that the burrito was stuffed full, but it was enough food when split in half. While we did ask for the seafood combo, I thought it was too fishy smelling. The place was packed!
I'm already done, ha!
They make their own salsas and had a salsa bar! They had a fire-roasted habenero chile salsa called X'NIPEC (left, below "38").
When leaving, I saw this sign. Basically if you show up on your bike on Thursday then you get 15% off your order (excluding alcohol). I can't wait to take my new bike (named Lukefrancis) and my tandem (named Murray) there!

After we ate we walked around the downtown area. I found a crepe place that I want to try (Nicole wouldn't go because of a bad experience with crepes at Disneyworld. Poo.) Then we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Note to all: do not go to the aquarium on December 28th! It was packed! I'm sure it was a fire hazard in the seahorse exhibit. Too many people! Good thing I've got a season pass and can go whenever I please. We stopped for dessert (Nicole got some fro yo and I got a peanut butter truffle and two sour belts) at different spots in Cannery Row. Sweet tooth satisfied, we headed home!

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