Psycho Donuts (Campbell)

I've been wanting to go to Psycho Donuts (2006 Winchester Blvd, Campbell) for about 3 months now. This is a prime example of a business that makes its business through effective social media marketing. They have (and regularly update) a website, Facebook, Twitter, and a blog. People love Psycho Donuts on Yelp. They are all over the internet!!

Straight from their website, I couldn't say it any better: At Psycho Donuts, peculiar donuts hobnob with quirky art, and a crazy, themed environment. Psycho Donuts has performed a facelift on the common donut, and has resurrected the corner donut shop from the brink of extinction.

Kyle went with me Saturday morning to try out a few of their donuts. We split the Crazy Face, Mood Swing, and Clumbsy Crunch. They were so yummy! Will someone who likes overdosing on sugar come with me next time so that I can order the Kooky Monster or Manic Malt? I also really want to try their Nutella the Hun and Psycho Panda!

Pictures from Psycho Donut's facebook page. See the whole selection by clicking here.
Crazy Face

Mood Swing

Clumbsy Crunch

I thought the actual donuts were tasty. Two of the three were old-fashioned style. I'm not going to lie, I prefer the fried fluffy dough ones the most though! What I especially liked about Crazy Face was that I could have a little bit of custard (the eyes and nose are custard filled donut holes), without having a whole mess of custard up in my donut. Also, it was covered with maple glaze, which has been my favorite since elementary school. The people who run this place definitely know how to choose a theme and run with it. The whole "psych ward" feeling is apparent. Their donut servers are dressed as nurses, they passed out bubble wrap (randomly) while we were trying to decide which donuts we wanted, and they have obscure robot/donut/hospital art work everywhere. Atypical donut shop stop!


  1. This place reminds me of Voodoo Donuts in Portland...but cleaner

    Clumbsy Crunch looks amazing!

  2. I wish that the clumbsy crunch had more butterfinger on it... ours had much less than pictured.... let's go here next time you are hoooome!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, and hope to see you at Psycho Donuts soon!
    --Jordan, Chief Psycho

  4. Congrats on the Will Work For Food segment! You guys are so awesome!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Food Network!