Hiking Fort Ord

Even though my coworker warned me of ticks on the Fort Ord trail, I still took my mom and my sister on the Jim Wrona Loop. Jim is one of the guys in my running group at work and he discovered this loop a while back. Lately it has been the only trail we go on - hopefully we'll switch it up tomorrow! Here are some lovely pictures from the hike. Spending an hour walking around with my mom and sister gave us a lot of time to catch up free from distractions. :)

The wild turkeys were out again today! I think I see at least one wild turkey every other day. Today they had their turkey tails open. That was a first...

One of the many LOST hatches in Fort Ord. This is the lavatory hatch. There are tons of abandoned buildings on the trail, all from when Fort Ord opened in 1917 as a field artillery target range and maneuver area. The 7th Infantry Division was the primary division based at Fort Ord. They were first activated for service in WWI, but their actions in WWII were the most memorable. They fought against the Japanese forces in the Pacific Theater. Division units practiced boat loading at the Monterey Wharf and amphibious assault techniques at the Salinas River in CA. (Thanks, Wikipedia.)


Happy trails...

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